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Planned maintenace: Offenbach, Paris, Toronto

May 25, 05:00 UTC | Resolved after 2 hours | Affected: Offenbach, Paris, Toronto

In continuation with previous maintenances, all VPN servers in these regions will be undergoing a planned maintenance to update the kernel and disk image.

Downtime per server is expected to be low, but we're reserving an hour for the maintenance. 

Incident's timeline
Resolved May 25, 07:50 UTC
Maintenance was completed.
Extended May 25, 05:15 UTC
Paris maintenance is taking longer than expected.
Partly finished May 25, 05:10 UTC
Offenbach and Toronto maintenance is done.
Started May 25, 05:00 UTC
Maintenance period has started.
Last update: August 19, 20:23 UTC