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Hardware issues with website

Mar 28, 17:41 UTC | Resolved after 19 hours | Affected: WEB01

The SSD in our web server malfunctioned and broke down. We have swapped the hard drive but it will take us a few hours to restore functionality. It will not work to sign in to the desktop client until the website is up. Our current estimate is midnight.

Incident's timeline
Resolved Mar 29, 03:14 UTC
We finished the most urgent items. Some more maintenance work remains, which will be carried out later today.
Almost there Mar 29, 01:23 UTC
We're almost done.
Continued work Mar 28, 21:54 UTC
We're continuing working on restoring the system. It's an ongoing process and will take several hours to complete, as we need to ensure the consistency of the system with our backups.
Replaced drive Mar 28, 19:34 UTC
We arrived at the data center and replaced the malfunctioned hard drive. Started work to set up the environment again.
Bought replacement drive Mar 28, 18:15 UTC
We didn't have any spare SSDs in storage, so we went out and bought a replacement SSD. We're now heading to the data center to do the physical replacement.
Started Mar 28, 17:41 UTC
Outage occurred. The SSD used on our web server malfunctioned and we need to replace it.
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