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Jun 08, 11:30 UTC | Resolved after 18 hours | Affected: Madrid, Helsinki, Frankfurt, Erfurt, Toronto, Sydney, Vienna, Bucharest, Miami, Amsterdam

We currently have some issues with the VPN servers in Madrid, Helsinki, Frankfurt and Erfurt. We're investigating the issue.

Incident's timeline
Resolved Jun 09, 05:56 UTC
The DDoS was mitigated properly, so now we're closing this issue.
Mitigated Jun 08, 18:29 UTC
The DDoS attack has been mitigated. We're still monitoring all systems and will keep this service interruption up for now.

Thank you for your patience.
Possible DDoS attack Jun 08, 15:02 UTC
Further investigation and communication with the affected data centers suggest that it is a targeted DDoS attack towards our servers. We're discussing possible mitigation methods.
More affected servers Jun 08, 15:00 UTC
Multiple data centers appear to be affected. We are in contact with the data affected data centers.
Last update: September 19, 20:39 UTC