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Planned service interruption in Miami

Nov 18, 14:00 UTC | Resolved after 4 hours | Affected: Miami

On Monday, we are changing our setup in Miami. VPN35 and VPN36 will be removed from Miami and sent to Atlanta and Chicago.

VPN34 will have a down time of a few hours while it's moved from the current rack cabinet to a new one as we're moving to 1U colocation instead of 10U in Miami.

Incident's timeline
Resolved Nov 18, 18:53 UTC
The migration has been finished and everything should work. Public IPv4 users have been reassigned new IP addresses. The IP address for the VPN server has also been updated.
Ongoing work Nov 18, 17:18 UTC
We're still working on the full migration. It took a bit longer than expected to migrate the server from the current rack to the new one, so our work was delayed.
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