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Planned maintenance in Frankfurt

Nov 28, 10:00 UTC | Resolved after 12 hours | Affected: Frankfurt

We will be changing our setup in Frankfurt to start utilizing M247 in order to improve our peering and transit. We currently only use Cogent, but after the maintenance the speeds for German customers should improve drastically.

VPN18 and VPN19 will be removed after the maintenance as well, which means we'll only have one server in Frankfurt until it's necessary for us to co-locate additional servers.

Incident's timeline
Resolved Nov 28, 22:34 UTC
Incident has been resolved
Hardware issues Nov 28, 17:11 UTC
We're still experiencing issues getting the server to come up. Troubleshooting is in process, but we're not sure when it'll be done. VPN18 and VPN19 are available meanwhile.
Equipment reachable Nov 28, 12:14 UTC
We can now reach the equipment and can start setting up the server.
No change Nov 28, 11:43 UTC
We are still experiencing issues. The maintenance will go over our estimated time frame. We apologize for the delay.
Ongoing Nov 28, 11:13 UTC
The server has been moved to the new rack. We are having some issues reaching the server and are debugging it.
Started Nov 28, 10:00 UTC
Maintenance period has started
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