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Planned maintenance in Los Angeles

Dec 05, 19:00 UTC | Resolved after 15 hours | Affected: Los Angeles

On Thursday, we are changing our setup in Los Angeles. VPN32 and VPN33 will be removed from Los Angeles and sent to Dallas and Seattle.

VPN31 will have a down time of a few hours while it's moved from the current rack cabinet to a new one as we're moving to 1U colocation instead of 10U in Los Angeles. The server will receive a new IP allocation and the IP addresses of all public IPv4 users will be changed as well.

Incident's timeline
VPN31 is up Dec 06, 10:57 UTC
VPN31 is now accessible.
Access Dec 06, 09:27 UTC
QuadraNet has carried out the maintenance in question and we're still in talks with them. But we can now get our Los Angeles server up and running.
Conflicts Dec 05, 21:24 UTC
We are having a dispute with QuadraNet regarding the maintenance and the way they have been conducting their operations in terms of Los Angeles and the other data centers. It now seems that they have decided to disconnect all our services connected to them. As of now, we are unsure if our servers in Los Angeles will come up. They have also told us that they will disconnect our services in Miami and won't deploy the servers we've shipped to Atlanta & Chicago.

Right now, we're astounded as we've never experienced such erratic behavior from a supplier before. Until we understand the full implications of their behavior, we recommend all US customers to connect to New York instead.
Waiting Dec 05, 20:13 UTC
QuadraNet confirmed that the maintenance would take place at 10 AM local time today. However, for reasons that we're trying to figure out with them, they still have not begun. 
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