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Planned maintenance: website

Jan 13, 05:00 UTC | Resolved after 2 hours | Affected: WEB01

A maintenance for the website will occur. It'll lead to a potential downtime of 15-20 minutes. Connected VPN users should not experience any issues, nor users who wish to connect to the VPN servers.
The only issue that may arise is Public IPv4 customers connecting via OpenVPN during this time.

Incident's timeline
Resolved Jan 13, 07:18 UTC
The  maintenance has been completed. We apologize for the delay.
Still in progress Jan 13, 06:27 UTC
We're still working on finalizing the maintenance. We apologize for the delay and inconvenience.
Additional time necessary Jan 13, 05:32 UTC
The downtime will be longer than 15-20 minutes. We're working on finalizing the maintenance.
Started Jan 13, 05:00 UTC
Maintenance period has started.
Last update: January 28, 20:00 UTC